Publication year

Assessment of needs and expectations for the future of internally displaced persons and refugees

Analytical report on the results of the study
21 June 2022

War Itself is Russia’s Chief Countersanction

The war Kremlin started against Ukraine disrupts the global economy and endangers supply chains, which makes it the most effective countersa...
21 June 2022

Ukraine Needs Hard Security Guarantees, NATO Membership Preferred

Petro Burkovskyi and Olexiy Haran believe, that Ukraine's membership in NATO should come without any constraints on Ukraine’s military build...
10 June 2022

Online Learning and War: How Pandemic Experience Can Help Ukrainian Education?

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of online learning in Ukraine, and how do those affect education in the time of war?
27 May 2022

Der russisch-ukrainische Krieg und die Zukunft Europas

Petro Burkovskyi expressed his views on the future of Ukraine and the European Union after the war
6 May 2022

The Nation Puzzle

The determined reaction to the Russian invasion became the next logical step, the last piece of the puzzle that completed the modern Ukraini...
26 April 2022

Understanding tools and goals of aggressive Putin’s diplomacy toward Ukraine

Analyst Petro Burkovskyi believes that Putin cannot stand “win-win” deals with democracies unless they create a web of deception and undermi...
16 April 2022

What if Russia wins?

On the example of the propaganda article "What should Russia do with Ukraine?", Andriy Sukharina explains what Russia means by "denazificati...
13 April 2022

The Russian Liberal Bias

Do not expect grassroots change to happen in Russia.
10 April 2022

Ukraine’s Foreign Policy Choices and Responses to the Russian Escalation

The sooner Ukraine obtains enough capabilities to win superiority in the battle for control of the skies the stronger chances it have to for...
9 April 2022

Prohibited Warfare, Unthinkable Diplomacy

Petro Burkovsky prepared brief analytical article about the possible motives, goals and consequences of the use of chemical weapons by Putin...
31 March 2022

Ukraine will not surrender one inch of land to Russia – the west must understand this Maria Zolkina

Kyiv knows concessions will not bring security: on the contrary, they will provoke a new Russian offensive
26 March 2022