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Communism and De-communization: Study Of The Rise And Collapse Of Communism In Indonesia And Ukraine: A Comparison

By Safrizal Rambe, Yuddy Chrisnandi, Olexiy Haran
4 July 2024

Prospects for a Just Peace between Russia and Ukraine: South Africa's Potential Pathway

By Dzvinka Kachur and Professor Olexiy Haran
4 July 2024

Summitul elvețian pentru pace – diplomația la scară largă și efectele sale

de Marianna Prysiazhniuk | Karadeniz Press | Analize, UCRAINA
25 June 2024

Ukraine and the Gaza-Related Wars: Military Observations for Preliminary Lessons

Omar Oscar Ashour
25 June 2024

KACHUR & MURITHI: Why Kenya should join Ukraine peace summit

Kenya and other African countries should promote a comprehensive and lasting peace in Ukraine.
14 June 2024

Russian ongoing military aggression against Ukraine and EU security policy in 2024

3 May 2024

Ukraine’s accession negotiations: political impact on EU assistance to Ukraine

Mariia Zolkina
3 May 2024

How Iranian attacks on Israel redefined the Middle East conflict landscape – Omar Ashour

The barrage of drones and missiles was unprecedented in range, intensity, scale, scope and alliances
22 April 2024

Defence diplomacy: Ukraine and the Global South

Omar Ashour is convinced that Ukraine should come out strong in the messaging when trying to cooperate with the “Global South” and procure m...
15 April 2024

From Underdogs to Masters of Modern Warfare: The Transformation of Ukrainian Nationalist Movements

Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has published a study on the transformation of nationalist movements into military formations, a...
11 March 2024

How Wagner Group exports Putin-style rule to Africa

Russia’s Wagner Group follows a systematic four-part playbook to gain authoritarian control in African nations
2 February 2024

Putin's Loose Tongue Leads to Chaos in Makhachkala

A Review of Russian Propaganda in October 2023, Part 1- Petro Burkovskiy for Detector Media
19 December 2023