Publication year

One year of Russian invasion: resilient Ukraine and lessons for global south

The lessons and implications of Russia's invasion of Ukraine for the Global South are discussed in the article by Prof. Olexiy Haran and Pe...
4 December 2023

Ukraine’s recommendations to Belgium’s Presidency of the Council of the EU: Political and Security Dimension

This brief presents Ukraine’s experts recommendations to priorities for Belgium’s rotating presidency, in particular in political and secu...
29 November 2023

How Ukrainian HUR’s "synytsia" and "bavovna" in Crimea ruined Putin's "velvet season"

Overview of the Russian media space in September 2023. Part 1 - Petro Burkovskiy for Detector Media
20 November 2023

Factors contributing to the intransigence of Ukraine’s citizens on resistance to Russian aggression

Yaroslav Reznik analyzes what factors underlie the firm uncompromisingness and intransigence of the majority of Ukrainian citizens towards t...
20 November 2023

Populist Orientations of the Ukrainians in the Course of Social Transformations

The phenomenon of populism as a potential problem for the democratization of society was studied by Oleksandr Reznik
16 November 2023

Winter is coming. What should be decided on the battle front this fall

An operational overview of the Ukrainian Armed Forces counteroffensive and what hinders its success - in the analytical article by Omar Asho...
15 November 2023

Ukraine (post-war) recovery strategy

This policy provides recommendations for formulating Ukraine's economic strategy in the post-war period
15 November 2023

Prigozhin Is Dead but His Cause Lives

On Overview of Russian Media Landscape in August 2023. Part One - Petro Burkovskiy for Detector Media
26 October 2023

At Any Cost: How Ukrainians Think aboutSelf-Defense Against Russia

A study on how do populations facing external aggression view the costs and benefits of self-defense
20 October 2023

EU Economic Assistance to Ukraine

Yaroslav Zhalilo, Viktoria Kolosova, Antonina Deshko
19 October 2023

EU Sanctions against Russia

Ilona Khmeleva, Ilona Khmeleva, Anton Mykytiuk
19 October 2023

EU defense cooperation with Ukraine

Hennadiy Maksak, Mykhailo Drapak, Sergiy Gerasymchuk
19 October 2023