Publication year

Ohne Frieden oder ohne Russland?

Petro Burkovsky für die Friedrich Naumann Stiftung
22 November 2022

The Issue of Territorial Integrity of Ukraine in Public Opinion During the War

Oleksandr Reznik analyzed the attitude of Ukrainians to possible territorial concessions in exchange for ending the war, comparing the resul...
21 November 2022

Europa darf sich nicht spalten lassen

Petro Burkovsky für die Friedrich Naumann Stiftung
19 November 2022

On the Lack of Strategy and Agreement of Ukraine’s Partner States

Ukraine’s partners still struggle to come up with a coherent strategy to address the war
9 November 2022

Why Would Western Policymakers Favor a Ukrainian Stalemate Over Victory?

Petro Burkovskyy and Olexiy Haran on Ukrainian, Russian and Western objectives in the war
2 November 2022

Ukraine`s war is Ghana`s war too

Article by Oleksiy Garan published in the Ghanaian business newspaper
18 October 2022

“Distracting mobiliZation”. The review of the Russian media scene in August — September 2022

The Kremlin is trying to compensate for the loss of the strategic initiative by producing terrifying and “magnificent” info cases
14 October 2022

Ukrainians' European Integration Aspirations: from Ambivalence to Expression

Oleksandr Reznik analyzed how the pro-European orientations of Ukrainians have changed over the past decade and what caused these changes
9 September 2022

Why Russia Will Not Go Nuclear Any Time Soon

The Kremlin is banking on blackmail, rather than on WMDs
13 August 2022

PULASKI POLICY PAPER: Ukrainian Offensive Operations in 2022: Strategic Context, Capabilities, Risks and Likely Scenarios

Petro Burkovskyi and Olexiy Haran analyzed the likely scenarios of the war and assess what feasible Western actions can influence it in the....
11 August 2022

Ukraine Wants Security Guarantees To Stop Fighting: If Americans and Europeans Won’t Battle for Kyiv Today, Why Would They Do So Tomorrow?

A former Special Assistant to President Reagan analyses Ukraine's secuity options, including the one suggested by Petro Burkovskyi and Olexi...
20 July 2022

Ukrainian IDPs and Refugees: A Study of Needs and Expectations

Analytical report on the results of the study
27 June 2022