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Who is Iryna Bekeshkina?

Read about the chief sociologist of Ukraine Iryna Bekeshkina‘s principles, an ideal candidate for Ukrainians, language and the third Maidan.
8 August 2019

Ukraine: «La question est de savoir si le Président Zelensky disposera d’une majorité au Parlement»

Le système électoral ukrainien est trop imprévisible pour déterminer si le nouveau Président pourra gouverner seul ou en coalition
19 July 2019

Ukrainian Electoral Code Changes

Petro Burkovskiy joined UATV English to discuss it.
4 June 2019

Zelenskyi’s Strategy of Donbas Reintegration

Commentary Maria Zolkina.
3 June 2019

Oleksiy Haran: Сonstitutionality of Snap Parliamentary Elections

Oleksiy Haran оn the air of the UATV English.
28 May 2019

Who will be Ukraine's next president?

Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky and incumbent Petro Poroshenko among 39 candidates in the running.
4 April 2019

What has Russia gained from annexing Crimea?

Five years ago Russia annexed Crimea, then began a conflict in eastern Ukraine that has claimed 13,000 lives.
19 March 2019

Comedy star Zelenskiy rides TV popularity and populism into politics

Iryna Bekeshkina, director of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, believes Zelenskiy stands a low chance of winning the presidency.
28 January 2019

Danyliw Seminar 2018: Oleksiy Haran

Presentation of the book "Constructing a Political Nation: Changes in the Attitudes of Ukrainians during the War in the Donbas"
24 November 2018

Ukraine's Achievements After Revolution of Dignity

Oleksiy Haran оn the air of the UATV English.
21 November 2018

The public opinion on NATO and its regional differences in Ukraine

Ruslan Kermach commented the dynamics of NATO support in the regions of Ukraine.
19 September 2018

Tool Against Russia or Protective Alliance? Ukrainians' Knowledge and Opinion about NATO Membership

What do Ukrainians really know about NATO membership and how does this knowledge influence their opinions?
14 September 2018