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Petro Burkovsky: We need to ask the “Opposition Bloc”, why do they orchestrate with Russia so much?

Burkovsky and Doniy in the air of the “Radio Donbas. Realities”.
18 July 2018

Olexiy Haran on Electoral Ratings for UkraineWorld

Host Volodymyr Yermolenko (Ukraine World, Internews Ukraine) welcomes to the studio professor Olexiy Haran
14 June 2018

Maria Zolkina on the Normandy Format Achievements

Maria Zolkina talks to UATV about the results that have been already achieved, and expectations from the next meeting.
12 June 2018

Outcomes of Putin's Diplomatic Meeting with Macron

Oleksiy Haran joined UATV to discuss this diplomatic visit, and relations between the West and Russia as well.
29 May 2018

Kyjev povoľuje ľuďom z Donbasu nákupy na svojom území aj napriek hospodárskej blokáde

Tisíce ľudí prekračujú deliacu líniu, aby si tu nakúpili potraviny a spotrebný tovar.
13 April 2018

Politológ: Cesta k mieru na Donbase vedie cez väčší tlak na Rusko

Oleksij Haraň: EÚ by malo presadzovať zachovanie protiruských sankcií, keďže priamo súvisia s implementáciou dohôd z Minska.
12 April 2018

Is Ukraine ready for UN peacekeepers?

Can the United Nations blue berets bring peace to eastern Ukraine? Or are they just a tool in a political game?
16 March 2018

Understanding Ukrainian Society, Four Years After Maidan

Petro Burkovskyi: Ukrainians are responsible citizens. If elections are free and fair Ukrainians would rather take ballots not arms
19 February 2018

Haraň: Prečo chcete zmierňovať protiruské sankcie?

Ukrajinci nechápu, prečo chcú niektoré západné štáty zmierniť protiruské sankcie.
15 January 2018

Corruption in the everyday lives of Ukrainians: when, why and whom

The results of a poll show that domestic corruption is a major problem for Ukrainians.
11 January 2018

Discussing Political Developments of 2017 in Ukraine

Oleksiy Haran is in the studio of UATV English.
29 December 2017

Democratic values still at heart of changes taking place four years after Euro-Maidan

Experts said the main achievement of the popular uprising is European integration and the Association Agreement with the EU.
25 November 2017