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Ukrainian Public Opinion after Febr. 24, 2022

Prof. Olexiy Haran on public opinion trends after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine
7 November 2022

Soldiers of fortune vs soldiers of freedom

Petro Burkovsky and Mamuka Mamulashvili on foreign volunteers and mercenaries fighting on the Ukrainian front in an interview with with TVP....
2 November 2022

Petro Burkovskyi commented on Russian nuclear threats and NATO and France's response to them

Comment for TVP World
14 October 2022

Commentary by Petro Burkovskiy about incident with the Kerch bridge

Petro Burkovskiy commented on the events related to the explosion on the Crimean bridge for TVP World
13 October 2022

Elon Musk's plan to end Russian war in Ukraine - expert comments

The experts discussed Musk's comments on Twitter, in which he decided to address the issue of the war in Ukraine.
12 October 2022

Podcast episode: Sociology says Ukrainians are consolidated

Professor Olexiy Haran presented his analysis of the relation between the EU and Ukraine in the context of the ongoing war
14 September 2022

#3 UkraineMEMO: War of aggression against Ukraine – Demands to the West

Sanctions, military support, political signals: Ukrainian and German experts on the situation on the ground and their attractiveness to the...
13 April 2022

How can Ukraine get security guarantees? – with Mariia Zolkina

How can Ukraine get peace settlement which will ensure its security in the future?
2 April 2022

Ukraine. War. Close the sky over Ukraine!

We call on all the world governments to stop the aggressor.
10 March 2022

Ukraine. War. 21st century

During the 10-days war in Ukraine, several thousand civilians have perished, tens of thousands were wounded, and several million refugees ha...
8 March 2022

Attempt to assassinate the top aide to Ukraine’s President Zelensky

Prof. Olexiy Haran says that the assasination attempt was not likely to have been caused by the legislation on oligarchs
27 September 2021

For Ukraine, the legacy of hosting Euro 2012 is complicated by all that came after

Olexiy Haran comments for TheAthletic
17 June 2021