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Will there be peace in eastern Ukraine?

Ukrainian and Russian leaders to meet in Paris for first time on Monday.
9 December 2019

Maria Zolkina has analyzed all the peculiarities of upcoming Normandy meeting

Interview of Maria Zolkina for Bulgaria on Air
2 December 2019

Русия и Украйна в навечерието на срещата на Нормандската четворка

Мария Золкина - Задавайте директно своите въпроси в предаването "Разговор"
19 November 2019

Ukraine’s Zelensky Bowed to Trump’s Demands, Until Luck Spared Him

Volodymyr Zelensky decided that military aid outweighed the risks of appearing to take sides in American politics.
7 November 2019

Withdrawal of Troops in Donbas: What's Happening Now?

What is happening now in Donbas?
6 November 2019

Olexiy Haran: «Pour l’Ukraine, la procédure d’impeachment de Donald Trump est une affaire américaine»

Pour le politologue ukrainien Olexiy Haran, toute intervention ukrainienne pourrait être dommageable
5 November 2019

Iryna Bekeshkina: Donbas’s special status is unacceptable. As is complete amnesty of the militants

Interview by sociologist Irina Bekeshkina for
19 October 2019

Петро Бурковски: Приемане на искания на Москва не означава, че Киев отстъпва за Донбас

Украинската и руската страна интерпретират по различен начин контекста, в който трябва да се проведат изборите в Донбас
6 October 2019

How the Ukraine Scandal Looks in Ukraine

Scandals involving corruption and abuse of power are nothing new in Ukraine. Having this much attention from America is.
28 September 2019

Normandy Format Summit on ‘Steinmeier Formula’

Analysis and commentary from Petro Burkovskiy.
27 September 2019

Prisoner swap divides EU on Russia-Ukraine relations | Financial Times

Widely welcomed detainee release deal highlights EU tensions over Kremlin
9 September 2019

100 Days of Volodymyr Zelensky`s Administration

Serhii Shapovalov about the first achievements of Ukraine’s 6th Head of State.
2 September 2019