Publication year

Professor Olexiy Haran: “Focus on Bilateral Talks with Putin Could Legitimise Russia’s Proxies”

Olexiy Haran explained the reasons for Kravchuk’s appointment as head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group
18 August 2020

Russia caught lying to OSCE about ‘persecution’ of Russian-speakers in Ukraine

The DIF has prepared a response which will be shared with the OSCE member states whom Russia’s representative attempted to deceive.
15 June 2020

Ukrainians reject modern Russia’s WWII victory cult as geopolitical divide deepens

A landmark opinion poll identified majority Ukrainian support for the move away from Soviet-style interpretations of World War II.
5 June 2020

Im Donbas ver­traut man immer noch Wolo­dy­myr Selen­skyj, glaubt aber nicht mehr an den „schnel­len Frieden“

Petro Bur­kovs­kyi
20 May 2020

Observations of Public Attitudes in Donbas: Changes After the Elections in 2019, Emerging Risks amid the War and COVID-19 Pandemic

Analytical Report
15 May 2020

Der Tag des Sieges als ein Symptom für den Virus der “rus­si­schen Welt” in der Ukraine

Serhii Schapow­a­low
9 May 2020

Nor­man­die-Format und Tri­la­te­rale Kon­takt­gruppe von Minsk: Kann man die Wege zusam­men­zu­füh­ren?

Mariia Solkina
6 May 2020

Research of the Status of Female Veterans and Services Provided to Them

Final Report
3 May 2020

New threats in Donbas: what ideas is the Kremlin pushing forward at negotiations?

Maria Zolkina
23 April 2020

Success Without Agreement: What Does the Lack of Results of the Minsk Negotiations Mean

Maria Zolkina
9 April 2020

Expectations vs Reality: are the Peaceful Plans of the Authorities Realistic?

It seems that we are on the verge of the Rubicon.
4 April 2020

Ukrainegate: Rudy Giuliani’s new campaign against Joe Biden

Donald Trump’s lawyer has new fixers in Kyiv to help revive claims discredited as conspiracy theory
18 March 2020