Publication year

Policy Towards Occupied Donbas in the Public Opinion of Ukrainians

The geopolitical orientations and linguistic identities of the Ukrainian citizens who have chosen different policy options regarding the occ...
6 May 2021

Everything about Yermak's new plan: what the Normandy Format proposes to update the Minsk agreements

'Key Clusters for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements' is the name of a new document that the Normandy Four is developing on the pro...
29 March 2021

One-on-one with Putin: What are the dangers of Zelensky's new Normandy Format initiatives

After several months of relative calm in the negotiations on Donbas, the concentration of news has increased dramatically in recent days. Wh...
26 March 2021

The perception of governmental reforms by Ukrainians: sociodemographic factors

The study determines the perception of reforms by the Ukrainian
12 January 2021

Oligarch diplomacy ruins Ukraine’s energy security

The country’s oligarchs seek to bypass official foreign policy channels
25 December 2020

Implementation of the Paris Summit Agreements: the Reactions and Expectations of Ukrainians

This analytical report illustrates how Ukrainian society has reacted to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s policy on war and peace in the Donba...
9 December 2020

Lokalwahlen unter den Bedingungen der Dezentralisierung: Erfolge für die Bürgermeister, Niederlagen für Selenskyj

Olexiy Haran
30 November 2020

Popular perception of the Russian propaganda messages and social factors that shape it

In August DIF on request of Detector Media conducted a nationwide public opinion poll to study attitudes of Ukrainians toward media
22 October 2020

Question #1. This is why the “the second important question” of the President really matters

DIF offers a series of publications for “Ukrainian Pravada” – the goal is to elucidate the possible reactions of our citizens to the questio...
21 October 2020

Changes Just Around the Corner? The Impact of OLPR on Ukrainian Political Landscape

A Discussion on the Open List Proportional Representation System’s Potential Impact on Ukrainian Political Landscape
5 October 2020

Professor Olexiy Haran: “Focus on Bilateral Talks with Putin Could Legitimise Russia’s Proxies”

Olexiy Haran explained the reasons for Kravchuk’s appointment as head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group
18 August 2020

Russia caught lying to OSCE about ‘persecution’ of Russian-speakers in Ukraine

The DIF has prepared a response which will be shared with the OSCE member states whom Russia’s representative attempted to deceive.
15 June 2020