Publication year

95% of journalists report censorship in Ukrainian mass media – survey

In 2023, compared to 2019, there has been a larger share of journalists who believe that censorship in the Ukrainian media is a systemic phe...
4 May 2023

South African Holocaust Center Says Russia is on 'Road to Genocide’ in Ukraine

Prof. Haran spoke at the Holocaust Center in Cape Town and called on the South African government to change its position of "neutrality" on...
26 April 2023

The war in Ukraine: What does it mean for global security and the Global South?

In this dialogue, organized by the SAIIA in Johannesburg, Ukrainian scholars weigh the consequences of war, including the threat of nuclear...
24 March 2023

[Public Lecture] – One year of Ukrainian War: What does it mean to global security and the Global South?

Pr. Haran delivered a lecture at the CICP on “One year of Ukrainian War: What does it mean to global security and the Global South?”
23 February 2023

Oleksiy Haran has been awarded the British Empire Medal

31 January 2023

Prominent Ukrainian experts presented to Romanian colleagues their expertise on military situation in Ukraine

Mariia Zolkina participated in closed-door brainstorming and expert discussion organized by New Strategy Center.
19 January 2023

Presentation "How Ukrainians see goals and exit from war and why it is important for Ukraine's partners"

Presentation prepared by Petro Burokvskyi, Executive Director of the Foundation for Democratic Initiatives, for the Kyiv Security Forum
3 December 2022

Housing standards, employment and special needs: how civil society and the government can help the internally displaced persons in winter

Experts and analysts discussed how the Ukrainian government, local authorities and volunteers assist IDPs given the forthcoming winter durin...
25 November 2022

Ukraine civil society delegation in Kenya to explore opportunities

The second round of the delegation of leaders of Ukrainian NGOs to Africa has started. This time - to Kenya and Ethiopia
21 November 2022

Critical time for the Ukrainian Energy System: What policy options and solutions Ukraine has to sustain the double challenge of winter and Russian aggression?

During the event, experts and analysts discussed the response of the Ukrainian government, local authorities, and energy companies to the co...
17 November 2022

Negotiations with Russia, triumphs in the Black Sea and the nuclear threat — what are Ukraine’s and Russia's goals for the coming months?

Experts and analysts discussed the diplomatic game Russians are playing around the "de-escalation"
9 November 2022

Informal Discussion with Olexiy Haran

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation hosted an informal meeting with Dr. Garan to discuss the results of the new polls and to present him with the "S...
5 October 2022