Publication year

The Struggle for Ukraine: Progress Post-Euromaidan and Challenges in 2019

Summary of the expert roundtable.
28 January 2019

Who, What, and Why: Ukraine's 2019 Presidential Elections Are Kicking Off

The 3rd meeting of the Transatlantic Task Force on Elections and Civil Society in Ukraine.
22 December 2018

Presentation of data from three national studies on corruption

Presentation in the Ukraine Crisis Media Center
6 December 2018

8th Ukraine Breakfast Debate: Ukraine’s approach towards NATO: pre-electoral tool or strategic security objective?

Ruslan Kermach presented on the topic “Ukraine’s approach towards NATO: pre-electoral tool or strategic security objective”.
19 November 2018

28% of Ukrainians believe that the best assistance to Ukraine from the EU – pressure on Ukrainian authorities to support reforms – social polls

Press briefing "What kind of assistance do Ukrainians expect from the EU and the USA"
26 October 2018

Olexiy Haran participated in Ukrainian Week in London

The British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (BUCC) was holding Ukrainian Week in London (“Ukrainian Week”) on October 8-14 2018.
25 October 2018

Study trip of 150 students from the College of Europe

Olexiy Haran presented dilemmas in assessing the multilayered conflict in Ukraine from a Ukrainian/European/international perspective.
28 September 2018

On the eve of the big election year in Ukraine: winners take a toll?

Presentation at the PONARS annual policy conference in DC.
27 September 2018

Seminar at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

Olexiy Haran participated in the seminar “The Future of Russian-Ukrainian Relations” held in Oslo.
14 September 2018

What do Ukrainians know and think about NATO

13 September 2018

One third of Ukrainians believe that it is necessary to increase international pressure on Russia in order to establish peace in the Donbas

This is evidenced by sociological study of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF).
20 July 2018

On the fears, problems and sources of information for the residents of the occupied areas of Donbas – public discussion

Public discussion in Severodonetsk and Kramatorsk
18 June 2018