Publication year

Providing EU candidate status for Ukraine

UCEP has initiated an appeal to the parliaments of European countries to support EU candidate status for Ukraine
15 June 2022

Policy Exchange Discussion: Guaranteeing Ukraine's Long-Run Security

Regardless of how the war ends, how can Ukraine’s long-run security realistically be guaranteed?
13 June 2022

Navigating Within the Geopolitical Turning Point

Foresight Workshop on the Future of the War in Ukraine and the Upcoming (In)Security Order of the Post-Soviet Black Sea Region
11 May 2022

Russian-Ukrainian Conflict: Hybrid Warfare and Its Global Security Implications

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies lecture
2 March 2022

Russia's Attack on Ukraine: An Expert Roundtable

On Friday, February 25, celebrated broadcaster and Munk School Distinguished Fellow Peter Mansbridge examined the latest developments with a...
25 February 2022

What Ukraine’s civil society wants to tell at Biden’s Global Democracy Summit

On 9-10 December 2021, Ukraine together with over 100 other countries is to take part in the Global Summit for Democracy hosted by the US.
8 December 2021

Russia's Information Warfare in the COVID-19 Era

During the two-day event "Democracy in Action: Zero Corruption Conference" (Kyiv, July 7-8, 2021) Prof. Olexiy Haran presented DIF research...
12 June 2021

Eurasia's Newest Leaders: How Are They Doing?

Olexiy Haran on two years of President Zelenskyy's performance
19 April 2021

Seven years after Maidan - Assessing the struggle between reformers and vested interests in Ukraine

Policy Dialogue at European Policy Centre
24 February 2021

Civil Society and Mass Mobilization

The TCUP Conference continued on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, with a lively discussion of the role of civil society and mass mobilizations in...
8 February 2021

The election process for the occupied Crimea and Donbass

The election process for the occupied Crimea and Donbass: how Ukraine can take into account the experience of Moldova and Georgia
14 December 2020

Ukrainians became more tolerant and active in defending their rights: results of the survey

UNDP in Ukraine presents the results of the third wave of sociological survey that shows changes in Ukrainians’ perception of human rights s...
10 December 2020