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How Wagner Group exports Putin-style rule to Africa

Russia’s Wagner Group follows a systematic four-part playbook to gain authoritarian control in African nations
2 February 2024

Putin's Loose Tongue Leads to Chaos in Makhachkala

A Review of Russian Propaganda in October 2023, Part 1- Petro Burkovskiy for Detector Media
19 December 2023

Perceptions of democracy in Ukraine amid war with Russia

The Ukrainian people are fighting with Russia for a European future, so they will not allow their government to change the direction of policy that would threaten this choice
9 December 2023

Democracy at war: what Ukrainians think

The democratic regime, developed civil society, so-called horizontal ties and a sense of solidarity helped Ukrainians successfully resist.
9 December 2023

How the Kremlin is Fabricating Stories of Rebellions in Ukraine and Conditioning Russians for Mobilization

Overview of the Russian Media Space in September 2023. Part 2 - Petro Burkovskiy for Detector Media
8 December 2023

One year of Russian invasion: resilient Ukraine and lessons for global south

The lessons and implications of Russia's invasion of Ukraine for the Global South are discussed in the article by Prof. Olexiy Haran and Petro Burkovskyi
4 December 2023

Ukraine’s recommendations to Belgium’s Presidency of the Council of the EU: Political and Security Dimension

This brief presents Ukraine’s experts recommendations to priorities for Belgium’s rotating presidency, in particular in political and security policy domains
29 November 2023
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