Publication year

Fighting for Freedom: Ukrainian Assessment of the Implications of the Russian Invasion for South Asia

Olexiy Haran & Petro Burkovskyi
4 January 2023

Ukraine must regain Crimea. How can this happen?

Different scenarios for the end of the war in Ukraine have been discussed. These scenarios do not always include Crimea. Why is this happeni...
4 January 2023

Ukraine’s Victory. Brief #2

Weekly Review of the Major Events
26 December 2022

Ukraine’s Victory. Brief #1

Weekly Review of the Major Events
21 December 2022

The EU and Ukraine’s Public Opinion: Changing Dynamic

Summary of Democratic Initiatives Foundation work before and after invasion with observations about the war and EU policy toward Ukraine
13 December 2022

The collapse of the Russian Federation and the victory of Ukraine: What the West fears and what it wants to control

Why the West thinks that Ukraine’s victory needs to be restrained
11 December 2022

Lives of Artists, Burnt Museums and Stolen Scythian Gold: Losses of Ukrainian Culture as a Result of War

Khrystyna Semeryn on the scale of Russian war crimes against culture
1 December 2022

Dugin vs. Surkov – Looking for the Russian Political Discourse

The tension between the disinterested population and war ideology is palpable
29 November 2022

How Kenya is proving freedom is backbone of democracy

Article by Oleksiy Haran for the Nation.Africa on the eve of the visit of the Ukrainian delegation to Kenya
22 November 2022

Ohne Frieden oder ohne Russland?

Petro Burkovsky für die Friedrich Naumann Stiftung
22 November 2022

The Issue of Territorial Integrity of Ukraine in Public Opinion During the War

Oleksandr Reznik analyzed the attitude of Ukrainians to possible territorial concessions in exchange for ending the war, comparing the resul...
21 November 2022

Europa darf sich nicht spalten lassen

Petro Burkovsky für die Friedrich Naumann Stiftung
19 November 2022