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Ukrainegate: Rudy Giuliani’s new campaign against Joe Biden

Donald Trump’s lawyer has new fixers in Kyiv to help revive claims discredited as conspiracy theory
18 March 2020

Selen­skyj richtet sich in der Kom­fort­zone ein

Von Petro Bur­kovs­kyi
13 March 2020

Fünf Szenarien für die Entwicklung der Lage im Donbas: Was ist von Russland zu erwarten und was kann die Ukraine tun?

Petro Burkovskyi
6 March 2020

Der Krisengewinner

Olexij Haran
28 February 2020

Donbas Settlement and New Trends in Conflict Resolution

Maria Zolkina
16 December 2019

Lost in translation: Different interpretations of Paris peace talks spell trouble ahead

Petro Burkovskyi
13 December 2019

What are Ukrainians willing to compromise for peace?

Maria Zolkina
31 October 2019

Frieden- Ja, Bitte! Aber nicht um jeden Preis

Maria Zolkina
16 October 2019

Die Stein­meier-Formel: Worauf sich die Ukraine ein­lässt

Oleksij Haran
1 October 2019

Identity, war, and peace: public attitudes in the Ukraine-controlled Donbas

Olexiy Haran, Maksym Yakovlyev, Mariia Zolkina
27 September 2019

Review of Olexiy Haran and Maksym Yakovlyev, editors. Constructing a Political Nation: Changes in the Attitudes of Ukrainians during the War in the Donbas

This book helps the reader understand the degree of transformation in Ukraine, both as a state and as a nation, over the past four years.
8 August 2019

Expectations, Hopes and Concerns of the Donbas: Trend Data of Social Attitudes in 2017-2018 and State Policy Recommendations

Analytical Report
17 July 2019