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Ukraine’s recommendations to Belgium’s Presidency of the Council of the EU: Political and Security Dimension

This brief presents Ukraine’s experts recommendations to priorities for Belgium’s rotating presidency, in particular in political and secu...
29 November 2023

At Any Cost: How Ukrainians Think aboutSelf-Defense Against Russia

A study on how do populations facing external aggression view the costs and benefits of self-defense
20 October 2023

EU Economic Assistance to Ukraine

Yaroslav Zhalilo, Viktoria Kolosova, Antonina Deshko
19 October 2023

EU Sanctions against Russia

Ilona Khmeleva, Ilona Khmeleva, Anton Mykytiuk
19 October 2023

EU defense cooperation with Ukraine

Hennadiy Maksak, Mykhailo Drapak, Sergiy Gerasymchuk
19 October 2023

Putin wants to rebuild the Russian Empire’ — Ukrainian scholar Olexiy Haran dissects the roots of the war in Europe

‘To them, we are not Ukrainians. We are little Russians.’ This is how a Ukrainian scholar describes the deep, historic roots of the war in E...
11 October 2023

Policy Analysis Toolbox: Guideline for analytical publications

The toolbox guides young think tankers and researchers through the process of creating an analytical publication with many practical tips, e...
20 September 2023

European Union Security and Defence Policy: Foundation and Development Overview

Authors: Taras Zhovtenko, Taras Tarasiuk
15 September 2023

Próximo objetivo de la ofensiva ucraniana en el sur: superar los 'dientes de dragón' rusos

On the next goal of the Ukrainian offensive in the south - overcoming Russia's "dragon's teeth" - in an article on EL INDEPENDENTE
31 August 2023

Pelo Gris, el rey del veneno y Lotus, aspirantes a suceder a Prigozhin

About who could become Prigozhin's successors, in an article on EL INDEPENDENTE
31 August 2023

How Ukrainian society will look like: De-Sovietization, Democracy, New Symbols of Freedom

Major trends in public opinion as a result of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine
29 August 2023

How Russia is being patched up after Prigozhin’s revolt. Overview of the Russian media space in July 2023. Part 2

Petro Burkovskiy
26 August 2023