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Presidential election in Ukraine: Five reasons Zelenskiy is likely to win the second ballot

Ruslan Kermach
15 April 2019

What might disrupt the presidential election in Ukraine?

Ruslan Kermach
28 March 2019

The presidential campaign in Ukraine: new front-runners and old challenges

Ruslan Kermach
6 March 2019

Comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy leads presidential campaign polls in Ukraine

Ruslan Kermach
13 February 2019

Wakart­schuks Rolle bei den Prä­si­dent­schafts­wah­len

Eine Analyse von Ruslan Kermach.
6 February 2019

Will Ukraine’s 2019 Elections Be a Turning Point? Unlikely, but Dangers Lurk

Oleхiy Haran, Petro Burkovsky
4 December 2018

Ukraine – EU Relations: Looking Beyond the Horizon. How do we see the future of European integration?

Position Paper
26 September 2018

How do the temporarily non-controlled territories subsist? Horizontal communication trends between residents of the divided region

Petro Burkovsky, Ruslan Kermach
19 July 2018

Oleхiy Haran and Petro Burkovsky in: Russian-American Relations Since the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

PONARS Eurasia policy perspectives
16 July 2018

Donbas can be leveled by populism

Monitoring of the State’s communication policy in relation to Donbas revealed the following tendencies in May - June of 2018
16 July 2018

More effective EU democracy and reform support with greater V4 engagement in the Eastern Partnership

DIF contributed to the report of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association
7 June 2018

REFORMS IN UKRAINE: do people know of, support or believe in success?

Andrii Sukharyna
25 April 2018