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The Navalny Effect on Russia

Professor of Politics Olexiy Haran has more on this
8 February 2021

Civil Society and Mass Mobilization

The TCUP Conference continued on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, with a lively discussion of the role of civil society and mass mobilizations in...
8 February 2021

Lokalwahlen unter den Bedingungen der Dezentralisierung: Erfolge für die Bürgermeister, Niederlagen für Selenskyj

Olexiy Haran
30 November 2020

More Than Just An Onlooker, Ukraine Largely Relieved At U.S. Election Result

Oleksiy Haran suggested that the contrast between the president's apparent attitudes and U.S. policy -- on Ukraine and other issues -- is li...
11 November 2020

The wheels are coming off Ukrainian anti-corruption reform efforts

Haran said a “weakened” Zelensky will likely have a tougher time mobilizing support for his policy proposals.
7 November 2020

Not taking sides

The important thing for Ukraine is, we can't take sides in who should be the next U.S. president.
2 November 2020

Local elections in Ukraine

Overview by Olexiy Haran on recent local elections in Ukraine
31 October 2020

Olexiy Haran: Voter turnout and Zelensky’s poll

Why the local elections saw record low voter turnout
31 October 2020

Oleksiy Haran: “Some things are unacceptable”

Fokin’s appearance, his scandalous statements, and his quick resignation are just symptoms of deeper problems
8 October 2020

Which way for Belarus? Protesters defy Lukashenko's grip on power

France 24 askеd about the case of Maria Kolesnikova and more broadly, what the coming days and weeks have in store.
9 September 2020