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Russia negotiations - a dead end

Prof. Olexiy Haran, Head of Research, Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, took a closer look at how negotiations with Russia ca...
4 September 2023

Ukraine welcomes SA’s contribution to its peace initiative after Jeddah talks

Prof. Haran comments on Copenhagen-Jeddah initiative in South African "Daily Maverick"
12 August 2023

Two victories in the global South: Oleksiy Haran on the BRICS Summit and Latin America

Oleksiy Haran commented on Putin's "refusal" to go to the BRICS summit and the content of the Declaration of the EU-Community of Latin Ameri...
6 August 2023

Wagner Group intensifies tensions between Belarus and the EU | Oleksiy Haran

The relocation of the Wagner mercenary group in Belarus rightfully causes alarm among its neighboring EU nations.
2 July 2023

Olexiy Haran | What is needed is for Russia to withdraw, not a 'de-escalation on both sides'

Whether the visit of African leaders to Ukraine and Russia will lead to peace or will it be just empty talks that can be used as a smokescre...
23 June 2023

Professor Oleksiy Haran commented on the seriousness of the destruction of the Kakhovka dam

Professor Haran's commentary for TRT World on the first day after Russia blew up the dam at the Kakhovka power plant in Ukraine
12 June 2023

South African Holocaust Center Says Russia is on 'Road to Genocide’ in Ukraine

Prof. Haran spoke at the Holocaust Center in Cape Town and called on the South African government to change its position of "neutrality" on...
26 April 2023

We beseech South Africa to form united front with China, India and Brazil to speak truth to Putin

In his article for the Daily Maverick, Oleksiy Haran called on South African leaders to form a united front with China, India, and Brazil to...
18 April 2023

Fighting for Freedom: Ukrainian Assessment of the Implications of the Russian Invasion for South Asia

Olexiy Haran & Petro Burkovskyi
4 January 2023

A telling sign: How Ukrainians are treating Stepan Bandera

For me, as a historian, the figure of Bandera is complex and ambiguous.
4 January 2023