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Wie hat sich die Ukraine seit der Unabhängigkeit entwickelt?

Von Olexiy Haran
15 November 2021

Attempt to assassinate the top aide to Ukraine’s President Zelensky

Prof. Olexiy Haran says that the assasination attempt was not likely to have been caused by the legislation on oligarchs
27 September 2021

Attacking Stalin is an attack on Russia's past

Eastern Express talks to professor Olexiy Haran from University of Kiev Mohyla Academy about Russian propaganda and rewriting post-war histo...
4 September 2021

Has the World Forgotten Russia's Annexation of Crimea?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has convened a summit in Kiev with representatives from 44 NATO and EU countries to remind the world...
23 August 2021

Russia's Information Warfare in the COVID-19 Era

During the two-day event "Democracy in Action: Zero Corruption Conference" (Kyiv, July 7-8, 2021) Prof. Olexiy Haran presented DIF research...
12 June 2021

Prof. Olexiy Haran on the situation in Belarus

Prof. Haran gives us the latest on the arrest and detainment of Belarus journalist Roman Protasevich, sanctions from the West and Putin' pla...
31 May 2021

The Current Tensions Around Donbas

The Kremlin has doubled its domestic efforts to reconstruct Ukraine as a “grave threat” for Russian security
11 May 2021

"Moscow tries to destruct Ukraine"

Dr. Olexiy Haran from Democrtaic Initiatives Foundation explains for Brazilian readers why Russia started to aggravate situation in Donbas
25 April 2021

Eurasia's Newest Leaders: How Are They Doing?

Olexiy Haran on two years of President Zelenskyy's performance
19 April 2021

What’s next for the seven-year war in eastern Ukraine?

Olexiy Haran in the "Inside Story" on Al Jazeera
3 April 2021