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27 September 2021

Attempt to assassinate the top aide to Ukraine’s President Zelensky

World Today reports on France calming down over AUKUS as Germany is not willing to back it, EU belatedly waking up to the gas supply and price crisis and trying to uncover what lies behind the attempt to assassinate the top aide to Ukraine’s President Zelensky. Prof. Olexiy Haran from the University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy says that the assasination attempt was not likely to have been caused by the legislation on oligarchs which simply gives powers to the President when what is needed is judicial reform and anti-monopoly actions. He also feels that Zelensky is firmly in the saddle politically and has now reverted to the old security and foreign policy of his predecessor Poroshenko. The program finishes reporting on how little sanctions on top Russian military officers mean in reality.

Source:  Poland In