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Ergeb­nisse des Nor­man­die-Gipfels: die Sicht aus Kyiv

Wie bewer­ten Exper­ten in der Ukraine den Ausgang des Nor­man­die-Gipfels?
12 December 2019

Will there be peace in eastern Ukraine?

Ukrainian and Russian leaders to meet in Paris for first time on Monday.
9 December 2019

6th anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity

DIF has presented the results of its annual expert survey dedicated to the 6th anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine
22 November 2019

Olexiy Haran: «Pour l’Ukraine, la procédure d’impeachment de Donald Trump est une affaire américaine»

Pour le politologue ukrainien Olexiy Haran, toute intervention ukrainienne pourrait être dommageable
5 November 2019

The Hague forum debates conflict in Ukraine and EU's role as peace actor

The crisis in eastern Ukraine, and the possible role of the EU in bringing peace, took centre stage during a discussion in The Hague.
5 November 2019

Oleksiy Haran reflects on the opportunities and challenges facing the new leadership of Ukraine

The Chatham House Ukraine Forum asks experts to reflect on what opportunities for reform open up with the change of leadership in Ukraine.
26 October 2019

Ukraine’s president needs to repair ‘damage’ with Europe after the Trump call scandal

Zelensky will now need to repair some bridges with the country’s allies, analysts say.
2 October 2019

Die Stein­meier-Formel: Worauf sich die Ukraine ein­lässt

Oleksij Haran
1 October 2019

How the Ukraine Scandal Looks in Ukraine

Scandals involving corruption and abuse of power are nothing new in Ukraine. Having this much attention from America is.
28 September 2019

Identity, war, and peace: public attitudes in the Ukraine-controlled Donbas

Olexiy Haran, Maksym Yakovlyev, Mariia Zolkina
27 September 2019