Petro Burkovskiy

Executive Director

Petro Burkovskyi is DIF Senior Fellow, supervising DIF analytical activities since October 2017. Before joining DIF Petro Burkovskyi worked for 14 years in the National Institute for Strategic Studies as head of the Center for Advanced Russia Studies (2019-2020), head of Department for Political System Development (2016-2019), deputy head of Analysis and Information Department (2010-2016), chief consultant (2006-2010). He is a cadre civil servant (2005-2018).

Petro Burkovskyi holds MA with distinction in Political Science from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (2004). He is alumnus of the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies (2007). In 2014 participated in High Level Expert Program at the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. In 2015 completed Defence Management Course at the Cranfield University, Defence Academy of UK.

Since 2004 he is engaged in the civil society activity, working as an independent analyst for media watchdog “Detector Media”, tracking political propaganda influence and manipulation in Ukraine and Russia.

His areas of expertise are history, comparative analysis, constitutional law, decision making process, security policy, energy policy, international relations.

Happily married, together with wife Tetiana bringing up son and daughter.

Expert latest

Guerra na Ucrânia: Rússia ameaça os EUA depois de bombardeio à Crimeia

Petro Burkovsky e Oleksiy Haran comentaram com o Correio Braziliense sobre qual poderia ser a resposta da Rússia ao bombardeio de Sevastopol
26 June 2024

Ukraine's maximalist position is that there should be a return to the 1991 borders, and the minimalist demand is a return to the 2022 borders

What is Ukraine's position on the return of its borders, see the commentary of Petro Burkovskіy for Hong Kong television.
18 June 2024

American long-range weapons can change the rules of the game

Petro Burkovsky commented on how the long-range US weapons designed for cross-border strikes that Ukraine will use to defend Kharkiv region...
18 June 2024

Pourquoi la paix en Ukraine reste hors de portée

À la veille de la conférence organisée par Berne, les objectifs de Kiev et Moscou sont toujours irréconciliables. Selon les experts, le conf...
2 June 2024

From Underdogs to Masters of Modern Warfare: The Transformation of Ukrainian Nationalist Movements

Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has published a study on the transformation of nationalist movements into military formations, a...
11 March 2024

Putin's Loose Tongue Leads to Chaos in Makhachkala

A Review of Russian Propaganda in October 2023, Part 1- Petro Burkovskiy for Detector Media
19 December 2023

Perceptions of democracy in Ukraine amid war with Russia

The Ukrainian people are fighting with Russia for a European future, so they will not allow their government to change the direction of poli...
9 December 2023

How the Kremlin is Fabricating Stories of Rebellions in Ukraine and Conditioning Russians for Mobilization

Overview of the Russian Media Space in September 2023. Part 2 - Petro Burkovskiy for Detector Media
8 December 2023

How Ukrainian HUR’s "synytsia" and "bavovna" in Crimea ruined Putin's "velvet season"

Overview of the Russian media space in September 2023. Part 1 - Petro Burkovskiy for Detector Media
20 November 2023

Rusia frena la ofensiva de Ucrania y pasa al ataque

Commentary by Petro Burkovskiy to the Spanish newspaper El País
31 October 2023