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Three Lessons and Three Clues about Putin’s Foreign Policy toward Ukraine and the West

By Olexiy Haran and Petro Burkovskyi
23 February 2022

Can diplomatic talks change the course of events in the Ukraine conflict?

Gravitas Ukraine Direct: WION interviews Petro Burkoskyi & Alexander Khrebet
8 February 2022

Op bezoek bij Oekraïense Mariana die viral ging als 'sniper granny': 'Het enige wat ik wil is mijn eigen huis beschermen'

Democratic and economically resilient Ukraine is an existential threat to Putin's regime
5 February 2022

Meeting between US and Russia over Ukraine security: Petro Burkovskiy

Russia is trying to restore its colonial empire in Europe. Ukraine is determined to defend its territory and statehood - Petro Burkovskyi
26 January 2022

Ukraine is really looking forward to military and security assistance from NATO members

Russia has used the talks with the US to try to destroy the trust between the US and the EU, according to Ukrainian political analyst Petro...
17 January 2022

Situation deteriorates – that the West loses control over the negotiations with Russia

Kyiv-based political analyst Petro Burkovskyi said Russian President Vladimir Putin had shown he was ready to defy Western sanctions in the...
17 January 2022

Ukrainians wait as Russia faces off with the West

Sometimes it looks a bit like a diplomatic version of "does he take sugar?"
12 January 2022

Building trust in and preventing the radicalization of rural communities during the implementation of land reforms

Executive Summary
30 September 2021

L’Ukraine ouvre son marché des terres agricoles

Reservations about implementation of the land market reform is shared by Petro Burkovskyi
5 July 2021

Assessment of vulnerability and resilience of residents of southern and eastern regions of Ukraine

On the other side of the screen: An analysis of media consumption and disinformation in the Ukraine’s information environment
12 May 2021