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Soldiers of fortune vs soldiers of freedom

Petro Burkovsky and Mamuka Mamulashvili on foreign volunteers and mercenaries fighting on the Ukrainian front in an interview with with TVP...
2 November 2022

Why Would Western Policymakers Favor a Ukrainian Stalemate Over Victory?

Petro Burkovskyy and Olexiy Haran on Ukrainian, Russian and Western objectives in the war
2 November 2022

“Distracting mobiliZation”. The review of the Russian media scene in August — September 2022

The Kremlin is trying to compensate for the loss of the strategic initiative by producing terrifying and “magnificent” info cases
14 October 2022

Petro Burkovskyi commented on Russian nuclear threats and NATO and France's response to them

Comment for TVP World
14 October 2022

Commentary by Petro Burkovskiy about incident with the Kerch bridge

Petro Burkovskiy commented on the events related to the explosion on the Crimean bridge for TVP World
13 October 2022

Elon Musk's plan to end Russian war in Ukraine - expert comments

The experts discussed Musk's comments on Twitter, in which he decided to address the issue of the war in Ukraine.
12 October 2022

Russia is failing in its terror tactics against Ukraine

Petro Burkovsky explains elements of Russian terror tactics and its origins
11 October 2022

What is expected after the sham Russian referendum?

Executive Director of the DIF Petro Burkovsky debates with Russian expert Syrian Asad's loyalist on Sky News Arabic TV channel
28 September 2022

PULASKI POLICY PAPER: Ukrainian Offensive Operations in 2022: Strategic Context, Capabilities, Risks and Likely Scenarios

Petro Burkovskyi and Olexiy Haran analyzed the likely scenarios of the war and assess what feasible Western actions can influence it in the...
11 August 2022

Ukraine Wants Security Guarantees To Stop Fighting: If Americans and Europeans Won’t Battle for Kyiv Today, Why Would They Do So Tomorrow?

A former Special Assistant to President Reagan analyses Ukraine's secuity options, including the one suggested by Petro Burkovskyi and Olexi...
20 July 2022