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How Russia is being patched up after Prigozhin’s revolt. Overview of the Russian media space in July 2023. Part 1

Petro Burkovskiy
24 August 2023

"Meet the daddy, bit**es!" Overview of the Russian media space for June 2023. Part 2

Petro Burkovskiy
11 August 2023

"Third World War is coming." Overview of the Russian media space in June 2023. Part 1

Petro Burkovskiy
8 August 2023

Ukrainian president warns 'war is returning to Russia'

Petro Burkovskiy of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation comments on the strikes on Russian territory for TRT World
31 July 2023

Failure of the grain deal proves that Putin does not intend to stop the war

Petro Burkovskiy explained whether Russia is ready for peace talks in a commentary to the Arabic TV channel Al-Jazeera
30 July 2023

By the end of autumn Ukraine plans to break land bridge between Crimea and Russia. It will be a beginning of strategic isolation of Crimea and invitation to Chinese diplomacy to persuade Russia to stop the war

18 July 2023

Petro Burkovskyi: Decoding Prigozhin’s rebellion

Wagner’s mutiny showed minimal requirements for a successful challenger of Putin’s regime and created strong argument in support of Ukraine’...
26 June 2023

"The cemetery is a memorial for future generations." Review of the Russian media and military propaganda in May 2023. Part 1

The "atrocities" of the Ukrainian troops, the "victories" of the "Wagnerians" and the encouragement of schoolchildren to serve in the army
8 June 2023

Burkovskyi, Tarasiuk: Do Russian anti-Kremlin insurgents pose a real threat to Putin’s regime?

The Kremlin’s push for a “long war” against Ukraine may have a snowball effect on domestic insurgency within Russia.
6 June 2023

Ukraine Joining NATO? What is behind Kurt Volker's words?

Currently, various options are being discussed in the West for organizing and creating conditions for ending the war
25 May 2023