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How Moscow Hit It and Quit It with Xi Jinping and the UOC-MP Within Days: A Review of the Russian Media Landscape in the Second Half of March 2023

Euphoria from the visit of the Chinese leader. Resentment toward the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate. Putin's nuclear threats.
25 April 2023

Protests in Georgia and the Fear of a Second Front in the Caucasus. Overview of Russian Media Landscape in the First Half of March 2023

How Ukraine organized protests in Georgia and persecuted Orthodox Christians in the imagination of propagandists
5 April 2023

The Kolchuga at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

It is not the first time when intelligence officers become hostages of political games. This is an old rake that should be removed from Amer...
14 March 2023

In War, Truth is the First Casualty: Overview of the Russian Media Space in February 2023

How Russian propaganda is trying to "win" the war and not lose Putin's image.
11 March 2023

An extremely alarming call for Putin. The ghost of 1917 appeared in Russia

Putin is not strengthening the Russian state, he is destroying it
8 March 2023

Two ways: How the Russian Church in Ukraine will cease to exist

There is no such thing as the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC MP)
15 January 2023

Fighting for Freedom: Ukrainian Assessment of the Implications of the Russian Invasion for South Asia

Olexiy Haran & Petro Burkovskyi
4 January 2023

Ukraine must regain Crimea. How can this happen?

Different scenarios for the end of the war in Ukraine have been discussed. These scenarios do not always include Crimea. Why is this happeni...
4 January 2023

The collapse of the Russian Federation and the victory of Ukraine: What the West fears and what it wants to control

Why the West thinks that Ukraine’s victory needs to be restrained
11 December 2022

Ohne Frieden oder ohne Russland?

Petro Burkovsky für die Friedrich Naumann Stiftung
22 November 2022