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Review of Olexiy Haran and Maksym Yakovlyev, editors. Constructing a Political Nation: Changes in the Attitudes of Ukrainians during the War in the Donbas

This book helps the reader understand the degree of transformation in Ukraine, both as a state and as a nation, over the past four years.
8 August 2019

Expectations, Hopes and Concerns of the Donbas: Trend Data of Social Attitudes in 2017-2018 and State Policy Recommendations

Analytical Report
17 July 2019

Western Expectations and Fears Regarding Ukraine’s Parliamentary Elections

What do Western partners actually hope to see from the elections in Ukraine? What do they fear?
16 July 2019

Russia’s Return to the PACE: International Controversy and Ukrainian Elections

Aemin Becker
13 July 2019

Seven Dangers of Engaging with the Occupied Donbas—and Opportunities for the New Ukrainian President

Petro Burkovskiy
5 June 2019

Ukraine before and after presidential elections: risks and opportunities for democracy in war

Petro Burkovskiy
25 May 2019

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk’s prospects and challenges ahead of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine

Ruslan Kermach
15 May 2019

‘Ze’ support: what does the final presidential election results in Ukraine reveal?

Ruslan Kermach
3 May 2019

Presidential election in Ukraine: Five reasons Zelenskiy is likely to win the second ballot

Ruslan Kermach
15 April 2019

Ukraine after Euromaidan: Increased Pluralism amid Patronal Politics

Illiberal and Authoritarian Tendencies in Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe
1 April 2019

What might disrupt the presidential election in Ukraine?

Ruslan Kermach
28 March 2019

The presidential campaign in Ukraine: new front-runners and old challenges

Ruslan Kermach
6 March 2019