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Les Ukrainiens veulent que Volodymyr Zelensky agisse contre la corruption, selon un sondage

"La corruption préoccupe de plus en plus les gens", insiste Petro Burkovskyi, sociologue et responsable du sondage dans La Matinale lundi
26 September 2023

Blinkin's visit confirmed that U.S. support will continue, and Ukraine will continue its efforts to de-occupy the regions – Maria Zolkina

Maria Zolkina commented on Anthony Blinken's visit to Kyiv and other events of the week on Monocle Radio
8 September 2023

Pauselijke diplomatie: waarom Oekraïne kwaad is op Franciscus

Petro Burkovskiy explains why Ukrainians consider the Pope's statements about the greatness of Russia offensive to them
8 September 2023

Are the US and Ukraine at odds over the counteroffensive?

Burokvsky believes that cutting off US aid looks like a way to avoid a Russian defeat or to weaken Russia in a long struggle.
8 September 2023

Ukraine seeks French help in wooing global south

Foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba in Paris to counter Russia’s influence on countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America
4 September 2023

Russia negotiations - a dead end

Prof. Olexiy Haran, Head of Research, Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, took a closer look at how negotiations with Russia ca...
4 September 2023

Putin’s friends with benefits in the West

Oleksiy Haran in the World Talks issue on the events related to the Russian raid on a ship off the coast of Turkey
23 August 2023

Olexiy Haran on the results of the meeting in Jeddah and a broad international coalition of partners

Oleksiy Haran on the secrets of successful military diplomacy in wartime
14 August 2023

Ukraine welcomes SA’s contribution to its peace initiative after Jeddah talks

Prof. Haran comments on Copenhagen-Jeddah initiative in South African "Daily Maverick"
12 August 2023

Two victories in the global South: Oleksiy Haran on the BRICS Summit and Latin America

Oleksiy Haran commented on Putin's "refusal" to go to the BRICS summit and the content of the Declaration of the EU-Community of Latin Ameri...
6 August 2023

Ukrainian president warns 'war is returning to Russia'

Petro Burkovskiy of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation comments on the strikes on Russian territory for TRT World
31 July 2023

Failure of the grain deal proves that Putin does not intend to stop the war

Petro Burkovskiy explained whether Russia is ready for peace talks in a commentary to the Arabic TV channel Al-Jazeera
30 July 2023