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The result of the Global Peace Summit is that it sets three important initial conditions for Russia to start peace talks

Petro Burkovskіy, Executive Director of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, commented on the results of the Global Peace Summit in Swit...
17 June 2024

Líderes do G7 liberam juros de ativos russos para ajudar a Ucrânia

Petro Burkovskiy emphasized that the G7's decision to lend to Ukraine at the expense of Russian assets is a powerful signal to Putin.
17 June 2024

Future of EU-Ukraine relations | Eastern Express | Oleksiy Haran

How will the rise of populist parties and shifting EU dynamics affect Ukraine's path toward European integration, says Oleksiy Haran
13 June 2024

Pourquoi la paix en Ukraine reste hors de portée

À la veille de la conférence organisée par Berne, les objectifs de Kiev et Moscou sont toujours irréconciliables. Selon les experts, le conf...
2 June 2024

End of Zelensky term: what's next? | Olexiy Haran

Oleksiy Haran spoke about the successes and failures of President Zelenskyy's five-year term in office in the Talking with TVP WORLD program
22 May 2024

Ukrainian Parliament Dismisses Deputy PM and Agriculture Minister | Olexiy Haran

Oleksiy Haran comments on the dismissal of two Ukrainian ministers
18 May 2024

Clash of Realities: The Middle East and the Russian-Ukrainian War

In this new episode of "Talking Substance" host Alina Hrytsenko and Dr Omar Ashour delve into the intricate dynamics between the Middle East...
13 May 2024

Ukraine's historic links with freedom for people in SA

Oleksiy Haran drew a unique parallel between between South Africa's fight for freedom from apartheid, and Ukraine's current fight for sovere...
24 April 2024

Ukraine’s Parliament Passes a Politically Fraught Mobilization Bill

Petro Burkovsky commented to The New York Times on the adoption of the new law on mobilization
15 April 2024

European leaders condemn acts of terror in Moscow

Oleksiy Haran commented on the terrorist attack in Moscow for Newzroom Afrika
28 March 2024

Why ISIS attacked Russia and why Russia blames Ukraine

Omar Ashour considers how Vladimir Putin, an exemplary cynic, could capitalize on the carnage at Crocus City Hall
27 March 2024

To Russia with Love and Hopeless Devotion, from Fikile Mbalula and the ANC

Most analysts say that United Russia is not really a party in the usual sense of having an independent ideology or even an independent exist...
23 February 2024