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Morale in Ukraine 'is very high despite Russian missile attacks, despite all of the casualties'

Petro Burkovsky spoke in more detail about how German tanks can help Ukraine overcome the situation on the battlefield.
24 January 2023

The battle for Bakhmut: Russia's bloody bid for Ukraine breakthrough • FRANCE 24 English

Maria Zolkina explained that the Russians are convinced that the capture of Soledar will help them to capture Bakhmut, which remains their m...
11 January 2023

France's defence minister goes to Ukraine : What to expect ?

Maria Zolkina on the visit of the French Defense Minister to Kyiv and what kind of military assistance Ukraine needs today
28 December 2022

What to expect from Biden-Zelenskyy meeting in the US

Maria Zolkina commented to TRT World on what to expect from the meeting of the US and Ukrainian Presidents.
21 December 2022

The Debate. Winter war effort: How far will Ukraine's allies go?

Maria Zolkina spoke on F24Debate about what technical assistance Ukraine needs to survive this winter
14 December 2022

How to secure Ukraine's safety after the war is over? | World Today | TVP World

Petro Burkovskiy shared his thoughts on the diplomatic big picture surrounding Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine
10 December 2022

Africa Speaks: Dr. Olexiy Haran outlines how the war in Ukraine has disrupted world supply chain

On KTN (one of the main Kenyan TV channels) Dr. Oleksiy Haran spoke about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and, in particular, its economic c...
24 November 2022

Interview with Olexiy Haran | “What we are seeing now in Ukrainian society is grassroots Ukrainization”

Olexiy Haran on the reaction of Ukrainian society to the Russian invasion, the impact of war on identification factors and to what extent is...
19 November 2022

Interview with Mariia Zolkina | “Ukraine must restore control over its sovereign territory”

Maria Zolkina on common narratives about the Russian-Ukrainian war, awareness in the Global South, post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and R...
15 November 2022

Russia is failing in its terror tactics against Ukraine

Petro Burkovsky explains elements of Russian terror tactics and its origins
11 October 2022

Putin declares annexation of four occupied Ukrainian regions

Maria Zolkina for TRT World Now comments on Russia's annexation of four occupied Ukrainian regions.
30 September 2022

What is expected after the sham Russian referendum?

Executive Director of the DIF Petro Burkovsky debates with Russian expert Syrian Asad's loyalist on Sky News Arabic TV channel
28 September 2022