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What is expected after the sham Russian referendum?

Executive Director of the DIF Petro Burkovsky debates with Russian expert Syrian Asad's loyalist on Sky News Arabic TV channel
28 September 2022

Prof. Olexiy Haran for France 24

Professor Olexiy Haran spoke to France 24 about the war, mobilization in Russia,the exchange of prisoners of war.
28 September 2022

Sham referendums in occupied Ukraine are taking place ‘under the barrel of the gun’

Dr Olexiy Haran speaks to CNBC about sham ‘referendums’ on joining Russia that are taking place in occupied Ukraine
28 September 2022

Podcast episode: Sociology says Ukrainians are consolidated

In the author's podcast Victor Kovalenko talks with Petro Burkovskyy about geopolitical miscalculations, Ukrainian resistance, recent polls...
14 September 2022

Ukrajinské síly nepodniknou frontální útok na Krym, spíš ho odříznou od Ruska, míní kyjevský politolog

„Zmražení konfliktu s Ruskem nepřipadá pro Ukrajinu v úvahu,“ říká pro profesor politologie Kyjevsko-mohyljanské akademie Olexij...
26 August 2022

Russian Crimes against Azov Soldiers

Olexiy Haran from Kiev Mohyla University weighs in on the Russian Supreme Court labelling Ukraine's Azov Regiment as a terrorist entity
2 August 2022

Ukrainian perspective on Biden's visit to the Middle East | Olexiy Haran | TVP World

Olexiy Haran talks about the Biden's visit to the Middle East
24 July 2022

Give us weapons! Speaking at Warsaw conference from frontline Bakhmut just hit by Russian missiles

Oleksiy Haran's speech at the Warsaw East European Conference
11 July 2022

Ukraine Can Expect the Balance of Power to Shift Soon — Zolkina

Who is winning the war in Ukraine? Putin's forces conquered 20 per cent of the nation, but a chilly deadline looms
5 July 2022

Ukraine’s three main goals: keep the land, keep the army, and exhaust Russia’s army up to a maximum

Maria Zolkina writes, "Sievierodonetsk is an example, how much timely weapons supply matters"
24 June 2022

Russia signals plan to annex Kherson in southern Ukraine

Maria Zolkina said Russia seemed poised to consider annexation without a “fake” referendum because it did not have support from the local po...
14 May 2022

The Azov Regiment is not neo-Nazi, extremist and far-right: what is this special forces unit really?

Where the Western media is often mistaken when talking about the Azov Regiment
30 April 2022