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Russia signals plan to annex Kherson in southern Ukraine

Maria Zolkina said Russia seemed poised to consider annexation without a “fake” referendum because it did not have support from the local po...
14 May 2022

The Azov Regiment is not neo-Nazi, extremist and far-right: what is this special forces unit really?

Where the Western media is often mistaken when talking about the Azov Regiment
30 April 2022

Why the West should not stop supplying weapons to Ukraine

The best chance to decrease scope of the war is to support Ukraine as massively, as possible, and in the shortest possible time.
25 April 2022

What is the Russian support of war based on?

The task of Russian propaganda is to create an image of Ukraine as a failed state controlled by the Nazis, who are destroying all Russian sp...
24 April 2022

How to denounce Russia' war in the Third World

Russian propaganda is strong in the Third World, so let us continue to work on the diplomatic front whatever the difficulty is.
23 April 2022

Ucraina, l'analisi di Mariya Zolkina: "Senza resistenza non ci sarà la pace reale con la Russia, il Donbass è un territorio ucraino"

L'analista politica Mariya Zolkina sottolinea che per una pace duratura gli eserciti russi dovranno uscire dall'Ucraina
22 April 2022

Why the Left should support Ukraine

There is no contradiction between the Left and national-liberation movement, explains Olexiy Haran,.
21 April 2022

Kremlin's propaganda has created ideological background for the genocide of Ukrainians

Putin's propaganda is responsible for everything that happened in Bucha, Mariupol and other destroyed Ukrainian cities.
17 April 2022

Russia's initial plan to seize Kyiv and install the puppet regime in Ukraine totally failed

What are the Kremlin's plans today - in a comment by Olexiy Haran,
17 April 2022

How Long Can Mariupol Sustain The Russian Onslaught?

Russia's deadline to surrender has come and gone, but Mariupol remains resolute. Can Ukraine save its strategic port or will Russia oblitera...
1 April 2022

Maria Zolkina sees no progress in Russia-Ukraine ceasefire talks in Istanbul

Zolkina warned that her own government's negotiators may have already gone too far
31 March 2022

Residential area hit near Kyiv

Oleksiy Haran, a professor at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, talks about the situation in Kyiv in an interview with CTV.
25 March 2022