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Will Belarus follow Ukraine out of the Russian orbit?

Taras Kuzio refers to DIF poll which showed "widespread acceptance of Russian-speaking Ukrainian patriotism" in his commentary for UkraineAl...
14 September 2020

As Belarus protests, Ukraine’s civil society reacts - with solidarity

Oleksiy Haran shared his observations of the Belarusian protests.
4 September 2020

Prof. Olexiy Haran on the war in Donbas: if the ceasefire works, what political concessions would Putin like to get from it? Video

Oleksiy Haran shares his thoughts on the ceasefire that was introduced one more time in the Donbas.
14 August 2020

Are European sanctions on Russia working?

EU extends measures for six months, accusing Moscow of violating Ukraine ceasefire deal.
21 June 2020

Ukraine : l’ancien président dans le viseur de la justice

Plus d’une dizaine d’enquêtes judiciaires visent Petro Porochenko, ravivant la crainte d’une répression politique en Ukraine.
29 May 2020

The number of people ready for any compromise for peace has decreased in the Donbass

The number of citizens willing to accept any compromise for the sake of peace in the Donbas has decreased for over a year
13 April 2020

Zelensky Changes His Key Manager: What Does This Mean?

UkraineWorld asked Ukrainian reporters and political analysts, including Olexiy Haran , what all of this means.
12 February 2020

Ukrainians see president as major driver of reform

This public opinion poll was conducted during December 6-11, 2019.
29 January 2020

Opinion polling: the 2020 forecast

Oleksiy Haran shared his forecast for the year 2020
14 January 2020

Ergeb­nisse des Nor­man­die-Gipfels: die Sicht aus Kyiv

Wie bewer­ten Exper­ten in der Ukraine den Ausgang des Nor­man­die-Gipfels?
12 December 2019

Why Are Ukrainians Pessimistic?

Serhii Shapovalov told more about the survey results in UATV English studio.
9 December 2019

Oleksiy Haran reflects on the opportunities and challenges facing the new leadership of Ukraine

The Chatham House Ukraine Forum asks experts to reflect on what opportunities for reform open up with the change of leadership in Ukraine.
26 October 2019