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Mariia Zolkina- Using Negotiations to Pause, Regroup, Rearm and Attack Again is a Core Moscow Tactic

Maria Zolkina on using negotiations as a tactic to regroup and rearm the Russian army for a new attack against Ukraine
12 February 2024

EU’s aid for Ukraine and Zelensky’s intention to change military leadership - Mariia Zolkina in her interview for BBC

n her interview for BBC Mariia Zolkina unpacks details of the latest Ukraine-related developments
5 February 2024

After Two Years of Bloody Fighting, Ukraine Wrestles With Conscription

Petro Burkovskiy commented in The New York Times on the draft law on mobilization, which has become the subject of debate in society and may...
29 January 2024

Why Russia fights like ISIS and how to de-Putinize liberated youth ІІ Omar Ashour

Security scholar Omar Ashour explains how Russian tactics in Ukraine parallel terrorist extremist strategies
15 December 2023

The big problem is to ensure the EU's commitment to maintain economic and military aid by 2024 ІІ Petro Burkovskiy

Ukraine's President meets with Biden in hopes of unlocking a $60 billion aid package. Petro Burkovsky explains in a commentary what difficul...
12 December 2023

How can Ukraine reach out to the Global South? || Omar Ashour

Omar Ashour explained why Ukraine should reach out to the countries of the Global South and find ways of cooperation in a commentary to the...
8 December 2023

The government must preserve unity and cohesion between the military and civilian leaders

Petro Burkovskyi commented on the tensions between Ukrainian leaders for Le Monde
7 December 2023

Political Frictions Unsettle Ukraine as It Seeks More Military Support

Oleksiy Haran and Petro Burkovskiy commented for the New York Times on the tensions between Ukrainian leaders
7 December 2023

What does Ukraine need to win? What must the West do to help? Discussion with Dr. Omar Ashour

Dr. Omar Ashour on what Ukraine needs to win, what the West should do to help, and how Putin is using the situation in the Middle East to ga...
30 November 2023

Civil society leaders seek SA’s support to end war crimes

A delegation of Ukraine's civil society leaders arrived in SA for a series of meetings this week. They are looking to garner support from th...
27 November 2023

Why Ukraine needs the the Global South? || Omar Ashour

Omar Ashar's speech at the Ukrainian Central European Forum
20 November 2023

Ukraine faces funding uncertainty amid US political divisions, Israel-Hamas war

Petro Burkovskiy spoke about fears that funding for Ukraine could become harder to come by amid political divisions in the US Congress and t...
8 November 2023