Publication year

What is important to understand about martial law?

Olexiy Haran commented on recent Russia's actions in the Sea of Azov.
30 November 2018

Rebel leader of Donetsk killed

Prof. Olexiy Haran on the death of Zakharchenko, Russian aggression in the Donbas and the future of Minsk agreements.
9 September 2018

What Are Ukrainians Thinking About? Professor Haran Explains

Polls show Ukrainians are hopeful and concerned: professor Haran on public opinion trends
13 August 2018

The idea of introducing peacekeepers to the Donbas: Do people in the controlled territories want it?

17% of Ukrainians believe that the authorities of Ukraine should officially recognize the territories as occupied.
23 July 2018

Warsaw’s scandalous law: will Poland succeed in an attempt to establish a "monopoly on truth"

Oleksiy Haran
5 February 2018

First year of work of the NAPC: high expectations, poor results

Over the first year of its functioning, the NAPC was overall unable to meet fairly high expectations.
22 August 2017

Next round in the bout against anti-corruption activists

The incident in which Shabunin was suspected smacks more of a motivated persecution of an opposition civil activist.
22 August 2017

Ukraine’s missile challenge: what are the potential political risks?

Ukraine complies with all international obligations it assumed and did not supply any arms or military technology to North Korea.
22 August 2017

Deputy immunity in the “cross-hairs”: fight against corruption or political technology

The Verkhovna Rada reviewed the case filed by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on stripping 6 people’s deputies.
17 July 2017

New law on the Constitutional Court preserves its political dependence

On July 13, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “On the Constitutional Court of Ukraine”.
17 July 2017

Ukraine-EU: summit without a declaration

The essence of the summit lies in the fact that it opened a new stage of cooperation between our country and the EU.
17 July 2017

New bill on the Donbas: what’s it about?

A working group is drafting a bill that would grant status to the temporarily occupied uncontrolled territory of the Donbas.
26 June 2017