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Ukrainian Parliament Passes Controversial Donbas Law

Hromadske speaks with political analyst Maria Zolkina to learn what these two new laws mean for Ukraine.
9 October 2017

Poroshenko to make repeat bid for U.N. peacekeepers in Donbas

Now, one of the intergovernmental body’s truce contingents might land in eastern Ukraine, where Russia has waged an unprovoked war.
19 September 2017

Back To Work: What To Expect From Parliament This Season

What’s on the agenda this political “season?” And what can Ukrainians expect?
11 September 2017

Saakashvili's Options Limited After Losing Ukrainian Citizenship

One-time Georgian president, former Ukrainian governor, and current U.S. denizen Mikheil Saakashvili is a man without a country.
29 July 2017

International Leaders Came to Kyiv and Left. What’s the Take Away?

Political Scientist Olexiy Haran tell Marta Dyczok why so many international leaders and delegations came to Kyiv and what this means
16 July 2017

Ukraine's gloom over Trump lifts as Tillerson visits

Tillerson said Washington's primary goal was the restoration of Ukrainian territorial sovereignty
10 July 2017

Ukraine re-thinking its approach to Donbas war. Key things to know

Ruslan Kermatch and Olexiy Haran about “anti-terror operation”
10 July 2017

When Status Quo Means Victory

Donbass and Crimea are political hot potatoes
6 July 2017

President Poroshenko Meets President Trump Ahead of G20 Summit

Professor Olexiy Haran talks to UATV.
26 June 2017

Mr. Poroshenko Goes To Washington: What To Expect From The Ukrainian Leader's First Meeting With Trump

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is due to meet U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House on June 20.
20 June 2017

Russia’s denial of Ukrainian identity at heart of library closure in Moscow

Russia’s timeworn orchestrated efforts to denigrate Ukrainian identity.
13 June 2017

Ukraine’s most underreported reform

Ukraine’s decentralisation was one of the first, fastest and most comprehensive reforms initiated by the initial post-EuroMaidan government.
14 April 2017