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Zelenskyi’s Strategy of Donbas Reintegration

Commentary Maria Zolkina.
3 June 2019

Everything Russia has been doing against Ukraine might be used against other countries

Maria Zolkina about the ongoing confrontation with Russia.
4 December 2018

What do Ukrainians Think of Donbas Reintegration?

Maria Zolkina on the issue of reintegrating the currently occupied Donbas regions back to Ukraine.
3 September 2018

Maria Zolkina on the Normandy Format Achievements

Maria Zolkina talks to UATV about the results that have been already achieved, and expectations from the next meeting.
12 June 2018

How to keep in touch with civilians of occupied Donbas

Ukraine Crisis Media Center
13 April 2018

Constructing a Political Nation: Changes in the Attitudes of Ukrainians during the War in the Donbas

Edited by Olexiy Haran and Maksym Yakovlyev
14 March 2018

Donbas: New Trends іn Public Opinion

Maria Zolkina
9 November 2017

Experts: Secrecy around drafting a bill on special aspects of state policy regarding the occupied Donbas is a bigger problem than its content

At a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center, analysts presented an analysis of the draft law and outlined its strengths and weaknesses.
6 October 2017

The Demise of Ukraine’s “Eurasian Vector” in: Europe’s Eurasian Challenge

9 September 2017

Possibility of Progress or Another Pre-Term Election in Sight? in: Ukraine in the Poroshenko Era: The Politics of Power, Reform, and War

7 September 2017