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Everything about Yermak's new plan: what the Normandy Format proposes to update the Minsk agreements

'Key Clusters for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements' is the name of a new document that the Normandy Four is developing on the pro...
29 March 2021

One-on-one with Putin: What are the dangers of Zelensky's new Normandy Format initiatives

After several months of relative calm in the negotiations on Donbas, the concentration of news has increased dramatically in recent days. Wh...
26 March 2021

Zelensky takes on Ukraine’s oligarchs in bid to court Biden

President gambles on battle with ‘old guard’ to shore up image and woo new US administration
4 March 2021

Local elections 2020: lessons for the unity and stability of the country

Topic: "Local elections 2020: lessons for the unity and stability of the country". UCMC
30 October 2020

Nor­man­die-Format und Tri­la­te­rale Kon­takt­gruppe von Minsk: Kann man die Wege zusam­men­zu­füh­ren?

Mariia Solkina
6 May 2020

New threats in Donbas: what ideas is the Kremlin pushing forward at negotiations?

Maria Zolkina
23 April 2020

The number of people ready for any compromise for peace has decreased in the Donbass

The number of citizens willing to accept any compromise for the sake of peace in the Donbas has decreased for over a year
13 April 2020

Success Without Agreement: What Does the Lack of Results of the Minsk Negotiations Mean

Maria Zolkina
9 April 2020

Expectations vs Reality: are the Peaceful Plans of the Authorities Realistic?

It seems that we are on the verge of the Rubicon.
4 April 2020

Donbas Settlement and New Trends in Conflict Resolution

Maria Zolkina
16 December 2019