Mariia Zolkina

Head of Regional Security and Conflict Studies

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Critical time for the Ukrainian Energy System: What policy options and solutions Ukraine has to sustain the double challenge of winter and Russian aggression?

During the event, experts and analysts discussed the response of the Ukrainian government, local authorities, and energy companies to the co...
17 November 2022

Interview with Mariia Zolkina | “Ukraine must restore control over its sovereign territory”

Maria Zolkina on common narratives about the Russian-Ukrainian war, awareness in the Global South, post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and R...
15 November 2022

Ukraine Can Expect the Balance of Power to Shift Soon — Zolkina

Who is winning the war in Ukraine? Putin's forces conquered 20 per cent of the nation, but a chilly deadline looms
5 July 2022

Ukraine’s three main goals: keep the land, keep the army, and exhaust Russia’s army up to a maximum

Maria Zolkina writes, "Sievierodonetsk is an example, how much timely weapons supply matters"
24 June 2022

The Azov Regiment is not neo-Nazi, extremist and far-right: what is this special forces unit really?

Where the Western media is often mistaken when talking about the Azov Regiment
30 April 2022

Why the West should not stop supplying weapons to Ukraine

The best chance to decrease scope of the war is to support Ukraine as massively, as possible, and in the shortest possible time.
25 April 2022

Escalation vs. Détente: What Should Ukraine Expect?

What game has Russia been playing in recent days and what should Ukraine prepare for?
18 February 2022

One Step Before Recognition: How the “DPR/LPR's” Pseudo-Independence Can Change the Balance in Peace Negotiations

Maria Zolkina for European Pravda
17 February 2022

The limits of compromise for Biden & Putin: Ukrainians’ views of the future of occupied Crimea and Donbas

Public sentiment has always been a reference for the Ukrainian authorities when conducting negotiations and settlement talks with Russia. Th...
16 June 2021

Zelensky forced to ‘face reality’ over peace process with Russia

Ukrainian president’s push for talks with Putin last month was rebuffed
5 May 2021