Mariia Zolkina

Head of Regional Security and Conflict Studies at the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, Research Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science

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Ukraine’s accession negotiations: political impact on EU assistance to Ukraine

Mariia Zolkina
3 May 2024

Mariia Zolkina- Using Negotiations to Pause, Regroup, Rearm and Attack Again is a Core Moscow Tactic

Maria Zolkina on using negotiations as a tactic to regroup and rearm the Russian army for a new attack against Ukraine
12 February 2024

EU’s aid for Ukraine and Zelensky’s intention to change military leadership - Mariia Zolkina in her interview for BBC

n her interview for BBC Mariia Zolkina unpacks details of the latest Ukraine-related developments
5 February 2024

Ukraine’s recommendations to Belgium’s Presidency of the Council of the EU: Political and Security Dimension

This brief presents Ukraine’s experts recommendations to priorities for Belgium’s rotating presidency, in particular in political and secu...
29 November 2023

Blinkin's visit confirmed that U.S. support will continue, and Ukraine will continue its efforts to de-occupy the regions – Maria Zolkina

Maria Zolkina commented on Anthony Blinken's visit to Kyiv and other events of the week on Monocle Radio
8 September 2023

Ukraine-related agenda for Spain’s presidency in the EU: recommendations from Ukraine

This policy brief presents the main recommendations and expectations of Ukraine from the Madrid EU Presidency
12 June 2023

There can be no lasting peace with Russia until Ukraine liberates Crimea – Mariia Zolkina

Mariia Zolkina – for Atlantic Council
24 April 2023

How Putin is Trying to Outplay Us in Liberating Crimea – opinion

Putin's real goal is to place some kind of nuclear weapon on the territory of Crimea, to issue an ultimatum to the West that there can be no...
12 April 2023

Russia-Ukraine war: Kyiv’s four key principles for securing a lasting peace

Should Ukraine accept Russian occupation of some of its territory in exchange for an end to the war - Mariia Zolkina answers this question i...
3 March 2023

Two scenarios for the Kremlin on the diplomatic front

Russia will continue to try to involve Ukraine in negotiations
17 January 2023