Policy Analysis Toolbox: Guideline for analytical publications

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20 September 2023
From policy problem to communication of possible solutions: The toolbox guides young think tankers and researchers through the process of creating an analytical publication with many practical tips, examples and templates.

What is evidence-based policy analysis and why do we need it? How does it differ from academic research or journalistic work? How can concrete recommendations for policy be developed and communicated? What details are crucial for the impact of a policy paper?

Despite the growing need for high-quality analyses, there are still no common international standards for policy-relevant publications. Together with the Kyiv think tank Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation and an international working group, IEP has compared the analytical publications of leading think tanks in Germany, Ukraine and Brussels. The result is an interdisciplinary guideline with a focus on scientific quality, practical relevance as well as design and intercultural aspects.

The toolbox is available in English (PDF 5 MB) and Ukrainian (PDF 5 MB).

The Toolbox was created within the framework of the German-Ukrainian Researchers Network (GURN 2), with the kind support of the German Federal Foreign Office.