Opinion polls

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What Ukrainians Think about Future of Crimea

A nationwide survey was conducted by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation together with the Razumkov Center Sociological Serv...
23 August 2021

How Ukrainians evaluate education during pandemic

The national survey “Opinions and views of Ukrainian population” conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology as ordered by De...
19 July 2021

How voters see political parties: creating conditions for efficient representation

The survey was conducted by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation in cooperation with the Kyiv International Institute of Soci...
12 July 2021

Public opinion on policy honoring victims of Nazi and Soviet totalitarian regimes’ crimes during World War II

The all-Ukrainian survey was lasted from 1st to 7th of June 2021
9 July 2021

Law Enforcement Agencies During COVID-19 Pandemic: Do Ukrainians approve police actions and how it reacts to use of force in the crisis situations.

A national survey conducted from 14th to 19th of May 2021
23 June 2021

War in Donbas and Russian Aggresssion. How Ukrainian Public Opinion Has Changed After Two Years of Zelenskyi's Presidency. Key points and observations

Representative nationwide research conducted from 14th to 19th of May 2021
9 June 2021

Victory Day and its role in the historical memory of Ukrainians: what meaning do citizens attach to this date?

The all-Ukrainian opinion poll was conducted from April 22 to 29, 2021
24 May 2021

Two years of the law on language: successes and failures

Nationwide survey was conducted during February 16–27, 2021.
10 May 2021

State and social institutions: who do Ukrainians trust and who don't?

Democratic Initiatives Foundation in memory of Iryna Bekeshkina, famous Ukrainian sociologist, director of the Foundation from 2010 to 2020.
30 March 2021

The Spirit Inspiring People’s Fight for Freedom, Happiness and Progress': Protest Sentiments of the Ukrainians amid Civic Struggle in Belarus and Russia

Nationwide survey was conducted during November 3–16, 2020.
1 March 2021

The New Year’s hopes and surprises: what Ukrainians feel and think about while celebrating the New Year

This nationwide survey was conducted on December 5-14, 2020
29 December 2020

Political party ratings in the parliamentary elections, December 2020: a comparison of telephone survey and face-to-face interview results

The survey was conducted practically during the same time period: the face-to-face interviews were held on December 5-13 and the telephone i...
28 December 2020