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5 October 2020

Lviv mayor Sadovyi runs for fourth term, faces strong opposition

“There’s a real battle for Lviv,” said Kyiv Mohyla Academy Professor and political commentator Oleksiy Haran. 

Haran, who is also the research director of the Democratic Initiatives sociological institute, said that while Poroshenko’s team was able to use the waste crisis to topple Sadovyi’s nationwide rating, the president failed to substantially lower Sadovyi’s support inside the city.

According to the Lviv’s Fama sociological institute, conducted in mid-September, Sadovyi is supported by 35% of Lviv residents, Synutka enjoys a 15% support rate, while Koshulynskyi polls third with 12% of the vote.

Lviv is on track to become the only regional capital where Zelensky’s Servant of the People party won’t pass the 5% threshold into the city council.  

 Haran said that there are many scandals surrounding Svoboda and its leadership, the party isn’t trusted in Lviv, yet all of the scandals bypass Koshulynskyi.

“Koshulynskyi is spotless,” he said.

Svoboda’s electoral support in Lviv is half that of Koshulynskyi, according to polls.

The incumbent Lviv mayor is very careful when talking about his opponents, as after the upcoming election Sadovyi will most likely be forced to cooperate with either one of his opponents in the city council.

Source: Kyiv Post