Ukrainian IDPs and Refugees: A Study of Needs and Expectations

Since the beginning of the Russian full scale invasion more than 10 million of Ukrainians were on move from their homes according to the various assessment. Partially they fled across the borders but the majority has stayed in Ukraine while moving to the relatively safe regions.

This scale of resettlement forms a great humanitarian challenge for Ukraine, which needs to be tackled simultaneously with security and military threats and against the background of aggravating economic difficulties.

In order to better study the social and humanitarian needs of the people who fled the territories affected by the fighting, Democratic Initiatives have conducted 15 focus group studies (5 with internally displaced persons in relatively safe regions of Ukraine, 5 with local authorities in relatively safe regions of Ukraine, 5 with Ukrainian refugees in European countries) and 6 in-depth semi-structured interviews with volunteers, activists and representatives of local authorities.

This analytical report is the result of Ilko Kucheriv "Democratic Initiatives" Foundation's project, supported by the International Renaissance Foundation.