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23 December 2017

ATTITUDES OF UKRAINIANS TOWARDS NATO: recent trends, hidden motivations and tasks for the future

Ukrainian society is increasingly supporting the idea of Ukraine’s accession to NATO as a mechanism for guaranteeing national security. The respective indicator of support reached a record-high level of 47%, as the results of a nationwide polling conducted by DIF jointly with the Razumkov Centre in June, 2017 demonstrate.

What are the recent trends in the dynamics of public opinion regarding the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine? How much does the support for Ukraine’s accession to NATO differ between the regions and what motivations are hidden behind the support or, vice versa, opposition to the idea of Ukraine's joining NATO? What kind of information Ukrainians lack regarding NATO and how to make the information policy of Ukraine regarding the North Atlantic Alliance more effective considering the results of public opinion poll studies? Read about it in the the article of DIF analyst Ruslan Kermach.