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3 April 2021

What’s next for the seven-year war in eastern Ukraine?

Al Jazeera        April 3, 2021  

There has been a sharp escalation in fighting and reports of a Russian troop build-up at the border.

Efforts to resolve the long-running war in eastern Ukraine have all so far failed.

There have been ceasefires, and then, almost inevitably, violations of ceasefires.

But a major flare-up in fighting between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian troops is now threatening to escalate the conflict beyond anything seen so far.

Russia is reportedly massing its troops at the border and warning NATO not to send military support to Ukraine.

But the alliance – and the United States – have made it clear that Kyiv will not be left alone if Russia launches an offensive in the region.

So, is there any chance of a lasting peace?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Pavel Felgenhauer – a defence analyst and columnist for Novaya Gazeta

Olexiy Haran – a professor of comparative politics at Kyiv Mohyla Academy

Richard Weitz – a security analyst at strategic consultancy Wikistrat