19 January 2023

Prominent Ukrainian experts presented to Romanian colleagues their expertise on military situation in Ukraine

On Monday 16 January, the New Strategy Center  (Bucharest, Romania) organized an online meeting between experts from Ukraine and NSC experts on the military situation and possible developments, the resilience of the civilian population to the Russian aggression and the bombing campaign on critical infrastructure, the impact of sanctions on Russia, cooperation between Ukraine and EU and NATO states.

Maria Zolkina, Head of Regional Security and Conflictology Programmes at the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, as one of the key speakers, took part in this brainstorming and expert discussion behind closed doors.

She presented to her Romanian colleagues her expertise on the military situation in Ukraine, described the mood of Ukrainians during the war, presented her point of view on possible developments, and analyzed the impact of sanctions on Russia.

Experts, including Mr. Mykhailo Samus, Director, New Geopolitics Research Network; Research Fellow at the London School of Economics, and Mr. Igor Fedyk, Head of South Eastern Europe Section, New Geopolitics Research Network,  discussed needed support and further contribution both from Romania and the EU.

Sourse: New Strategy Center