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Call on EU goverments to stay away from FIFA World Cup

Rebecca Harms has initiated an open letter to call on EU governments to stay away from the FIFA World Cup taking place in Russia.
20 April 2018

How to keep in touch with civilians of occupied Donbas

Ukraine Crisis Media Center
13 April 2018

Expert seminar on conflict resolution in Eastern Ukraine

Expert seminar on conflict resolution in Eastern Ukraine
21 March 2018

Medicine in Kyiv: what do Kyiv citizens think of it?

Ukraine Crisis Media Center.
24 February 2018

The law on reintegrating the Donbas: risks and caveats – experts

The discussion “The Law on Reintegrating the Donbas is on the Agenda"
16 January 2018

How to reintegrate the Donbas and restore trust in state institutions – experts give answers

23 December 2017

Book launch - Eastern Voices: Europe's East Faces an Unsettled West

Olexiy Haran's presentation at Johns Hopkins University during book launch "Eastern Voices: Europe's East Faces an Unsettled West"
21 December 2017

Success of reforms in Ukraine rated 2,66 on a five-point scale – opinion poll

Civil society actors present the survey results on how the wider public assess the success of reforms’ implementationin the country.
4 December 2017

Firm as to where it’s going, must work hard to get there – Ukraine four years after Maidan as seen by experts

Topic: "The Anniversary of the Maidan: Lessons from the Revolution and prospection"
22 November 2017

Research: Experts support UN peacekeepers in the occupied territories, but do not believe it can happen

Discussion of the results of interviews with experts on the introduction of the UN peacekeeping mission to the occupied Donbas.
9 October 2017

Experts: Secrecy around drafting a bill on special aspects of state policy regarding the occupied Donbas is a bigger problem than its content

At a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center, analysts presented an analysis of the draft law and outlined its strengths and weaknesses.
6 October 2017

Survey results: Most of Donbas residents feel that they are citizens of Ukraine

Every second resident of Donbas – namely 51% of them – feel that they are, above all, citizens of Ukraine.
4 August 2017